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9 issue 4

› › Missy McKain
My Complete Transformation – 2003 Overall NPC KY Figure Champion
No matter how little I ate or how long I ran, my body sure didn’t even come close to hers. As I admired her strong, shapely physique, Ramona, one of the trainers at the gym, looked at me and said, “You know you could do that.” That’s the day my life changed.

Kristina Henn

Kristina Henn on stage front pose
My intention was to do one show. I placed a close second at the Central States and have had "the bug" ever since! In my first year of competition, I have competed at 3 national qualifiers and 2 national competitions.
Kristina Henn roundhallway photo shoot

  My Recipe for Success Kristina Henn Dedication, Commitment and Desire

At my new gym, I made friends with a female bodybuilder and we started training together. My focus changed. I had been training primarily for running and as a tri-athlete. Now weights became my prime focus. I challenged myself each week to increase the weights I had used the previous workout, and quickly gained strength. The idea of competing in fitness was becoming a realistic possibility. My original intention was to do just one show. I placed a close second at the Central States, and caught “the competition bug”! I entered four more competitions during the next twelve months, 3 national qualifiers and 2 national competitions.

I train at Conrad’s Gymnastics Academy in Farmington Hills and Lifetime Fitness.

Kristina outdoor photo shoot
I love exercise and being active, especially outdoors on a nice day. It makes me feel good about myself, helps my physique, and gives me more energy.

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› Roger Riedinger
  Pre Contest Training –
How to become lean without sacrificing muscle mass

In this article I will outline a training routine for the competitive bodybuilder, or anyone who wants to reach peak physical condition. This program should be started in the eight to twelve weeks out range. Your goal is to become the very best you can be within a certain time frame. If you want to set a goal on where you will place in the contest that is fine too, but remember the real contest is with yourself. If you win that one it doesn’t matter if Ronnie Coleman shows up at your contest, you’ve already won.

› Kelly Long
Honey, Do These Jeans Make Me Look Fat?
My first goal was the NPC Natural Northern USA. Contest day arrived. My very first competition and my participant number was #1. Wow I was the first person on the stage in my very first show.  ©  Beverly International   1-800-781-3475